Worldwide High Dividend Yield Value Fund (TBHDX)

The Tweedy, Browne Worldwide High Dividend Yield Value Fund seeks long-term growth of capital by investing in companies around the globe that the Adviser believes to have above-average dividend yields and reasonable valuations. The Fund is a pure no-load fund with no 12b-1 provisions.

There are numerous reasons why we believe that dividends are important in an investment portfolio, not the least of which is that there is an abundance of empirical evidence which suggests that portfolios consisting of securities with high dividend yields may produce attractive total returns over long measurement periods. To learn more, please read the Fund's prospectus, which outlines its investment objective, approach and process. In addition, by clicking below, you will find a descriptive brochure about the Fund and a white paper we authored entitled, The High Dividend Yield Return Advantage: An Examination of Empirical Data Associating Investment in High Dividend Yield Securities with Attractive Returns Over Long Measurement Periods.

Worldwide High Dividend Yield Value Fund Facts 01.31.2024
Notice Re: Elimination of Fund Redemption Fees
Notice Re: Large Fund Purchases
Performance Disclosure 01.31.2024


The information and studies presented above provide a review of the relative past performance of selected securities associated with high dividend yields. The investment returns presented in the studies represent past performance and should not be considered indicative or representative of the future performance of any of the Funds, nor should it be inferred that the future performance of any of the Funds will equal or exceed the performance set forth in the studies.Dividends are not guaranteed, and a company currently paying dividends may reduce or cease paying dividends at any time. There may be studies that exist that contradict the conclusions of the studies presented herein.